Defund the Religious Left

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Conservatives accuse liberal churches of undermining American values
Billions in tax dollars being used by religious progressives to promote Democrat Party agenda

Washington – A coalition of a dozen conservative religious organizations is calling on the U.S. government to defund the U.S. bishops and other Religious Left churches.

Through the decades, these groups have received billions in taxpayer dollars, which
they’ve used to promote the radical America-last policies of the Democratic Party, such as gun control, open borders, climate change paranoia and religious censorship.

The Deposit of Faith Coalition will be hosting a press conference at the National Press
Club (529 14th St. NW) on Thursday, July 20, 2023, from 1–2:30 p.m. The conference will
feature an expert speaker on each of the above policy matters, to present findings and
field media questions.

Immediately preceding the press conference, at 11–11:45 a.m., there will be a prayer rally in front of USCCB HQ (3211 4th St. NE).

This is the first-ever organized assault against the Religious Left and its politicking on behalf of the anti-American Democratic Party in exchange for lavish government contracts.

The coalition proposes three ways to defund the organizations:
– Stop congressional appropriations committees from granting them contracts
– Force the churches to publish their tax filings (990s) by amending the IRS code
– Cancel the tax-exempt status outright for blatant partisan politicking

Press conference topics and the associated speakers are as follows:

The Man-Made Climate Change Hoax
Trevor Loudon: Author, Epoch Times contributor, and global-warming realist

Michigan’s New “Hate Speech” Law
William Wagner: President of Great Lakes Justice Center

Illegal Immigration and Child Trafficking
Sheena Rodriguez: President/foundress of Alliance for a Safe Texas

Gun Rights
Zoe Warren: Second Amendment activist and host of 2A For Today

These groups are promoting the lies of the Marxist “America last” agenda and taking
advantage of their religious cover – using U.S. tax dollars to do so.

For more detailed information and to register to attend, please visit